Design Identity

To enact a successful design identity development program, we would develop a CREATIVE BRIEF.

Each member of the creative team must have a copy of both briefs, as well as a copy of the audit readout. The creative brief synthesizes what the creative team needs to know in order to do responsible work aligned with the overall objectives of the project. This brief must be signed off by key decision makers before any conceptual or creative work is done. The best briefs are a result of collaboration between the client and the consulting team. Creative work includes the range of brand identity from naming, logo redesign, key message development, brand architecture, and packaging design, to integrated system design.

In Developing your Design Identity we would bear concise attention in the development of rightful:

  1. Signature = Logotype + Brand Mark
  2. Brand Color
  3. Brand Typography
  4. Brand Sound
  5. Brand Motion (Animation)