About us

TXQ Global is a design and brand marketing firm that utilizes full integrated marketing communications approach in transforming how people think about and experience a brand, product, activity, company or place.

Our design philosophy is simple: create real, unique, beautiful and compelling works while maintaining our philosophy of building a Tradition of Xcellent Quality (TXQ).

We integrate architecture, planning, environmental graphics, interiors, graphic design, lighting and brand strategy around a clearly articulated idea. We are known for undertaking complex, brand-driven, collaborative, multidisciplinary projects.

Our work has helped clients integrate design into their strategic thinking, realize their business goals, develop memorable brands and create value

As a branding firm, we invest our team resources in creating, building, re-developing and managing brand identities in a professional manner of a top class Brand-Building Process. We seek an opportunity to serve as the support partner for your company; it’s our expectation that you find us a capable team to manage your brand.