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We are Branding Professionals

We have a unique service line that promote a brand, product, activity, company or place by using full integrated marketing communication tools compris


Environmental Branding

Every opportunity is enough to create a new experience; your environment is a direct relationship to your corporate prestige, and most importantly can affect customer experience. Our Focus […]


Website development

We develop websites and other online business interfaces to promote your business, events, products, and more. By applying carefully developed technology, we create several innovative ways to enhance […]


Print Production

TXQ Global provides crisp printing and print production service in digital, analogue, offset, large format, textured and embossments on various mediums and finishing. We bring together the best […]


TXQ Global is a design and brand marketing communications company that focuses on creating, developing, improving and managing the key corporate intangible asset – Brand Identity.

Today’s changing consumer expectations, radical transparency, and instant global communication poised with the fact that we are in a vicious competitive cycle that creates infinite choices make this the most exciting and challenging time to be shaping and protecting reputations.

Companies are increasingly saddled with the responsibility of developing ways to communicate emotionally with customers, become irreplaceable and create lifelong relationship; actually with the best business bait of investing in developing Brand Identity.

In fact, the modern corporate world is guided by the following brand imperatives:

  • Acknowledgement that we live in a branded world.
  • Seizing every opportunity to position your company in your customers’ minds.
  • Communicating a strong brand idea over and over again.
  • Going beyond declaring a competitive advantage; demonstrating it!
  • Understanding the customers. Building on their perceptions, preferences, dreams, values, and lifestyles.
  • Identifying touch points—places in which customers interface with the product or service.
  • Usage of brand identity to create sensory magnets to attract and retain customers.

Dedicating the fragile task of Branding or Re-branding your company involves the best of identity program that embodies and advances a company’s brand by supporting desired perceptions, an identity that expresses itself in every touch point of the brand and becomes intrinsic to a company’s culture as a constant symbol of its core value and heritage. This can only be consciously affected by the best of team that involves the Client + Strategist + Designer + Implementers.

TXQ Global, an emerging strong force in the advertising and publicity industry is dedicating resources in the niche market of Branding, Re-branding and providing Brand Support Services for Companies, Organizations (Government and Non-Governmental), Products, Services, Events and Personalities.

We are a team-determined organization enjoying regional expertise with respect to Market Research Conduction, Brand Strategy Development, Brand Design Development and Brand Execution.

Please invite TXQ Global to assist with your branding and advertising needs.